HELP to save: a Cat in a TRAGIC situation

The Pile was running around like a ghost, dehydrated, malnourished, sick with a… eyes closed by eye boogers. A mass of bones and skin.
He was asking for help here in a very long time. He suffered for a very long time, alone, in silence, without giving it no importance.
Once we approached γουργούρησε weak. A weak ‘I exist’, a weak ‘thank you’.
Was transferred directly to the vet. She was diagnosed with jaundice, ρινοτραχείτιδα, stomatitis, dehydration, and a huge tumor in the abdomen. Received first aid and was hospitalized in extremely critical condition.
We don’t know if I’ll make it, we don’t know if it will be again the strong, muscular cat that was once, we know only that we try.
And we know that he doesn’t deserve to overtake him one ever again.
*If you want to help you can use either our bank account or paypal on the grounds “ΠΕΛΟΣ”.
Piraeus Bank: 60 4001 0189 237
IBAN GR76 0171 0400 0060 4001 0189 237
For any amount don’t forget to send us your details to send you your receipt.
Thank you very much!