Helena Tsagrinou: For the first time, Mommy, I felt like I was carrying this burden.

“It was a shocking moment, we did not expect anything to go wrong,” said . For the first pregnancy that Helena Tsagrinou and DJ Stephan spoke on their podcast, stressing that it was a very shocking moment. The singer, of course, as has long been known, is again pregnant and expected to give birth in August. “Our first experience was in May, when Helena was first pregnant. We started out happy, on a very nice day, with a nice mood, and we went straight to the doctor to listen to the little heart for the first time. We didn’t hear… He told us that unfortunately we have to drop the fetus, we were on the 6th or 7th week,” dj Stephan originally said. Helena Tsagrinou said from her side: “And we see the doctor who doesn’t even speak and there is ice cream left. He tells us “guys, unfortunately I don’t hear the little heart”. It was a shocking moment because we didn’t expect anything to go wrong. As a first time mommy, I felt that I carry this burden.” Elena Tsagrinou also added: “We tried again immediately… I am now on the 4th month and we are having August.”