Helen Psychouli: I could eat sushi every day if it was cheaper

‘ I don’t have it by baking, men do it better,” says . Eleni Psychoulis made statements to entertainment reporters. The well-known cook and writer pointed out that she refuses to learn how to make sushi and bake, while stating that she is the one of the… Mamadetic cuisine. “I could eat sushi every day if it was cheaper. I love sushi, but I can’t make sushi. I’ll make you some okra, beans, stuffed stuff like that! Sushi is… outside! I’ve never been tempted to learn how to make. Some things are good not to know how to do. I refuse to make sushi, I refuse to learn to bake. I’m a mom kitchen! I don’t have the baking, I think it’s male, men do better,” said Eleni Psychoulis.

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