Helen Peta: I had no desire to be a singer, I do not need to exist

‘ I never hunted down to be the… queen of the night” confesses . At the mood to abstain from music, collaboration with Vassilis Carras and the joint start with Despina Vandi was mentioned Helen Peta in the interview she gave at noon on Friday at the Grand Channel. “I never hunted to be the… queen of the night, no. That was never my request. I never intended to be a singer. My studies have always been in classical music, I worked as a musician in classical music orchestras, which is a very different world. I have abstained, of course, from music and am not active every year. I do not need to exist” said the popular performer. “I don’t want labels, to be honest. Of course I’ve been through collaborations with folk singers, great and great. In my first steps I had worked with Vassilis Carras who was also the man who brought us down to Athens. We came with him with Despina. I came down without any fear of anything and started working in big shops.” “With Despina Vandi and Pantelis Kanarakis we were a company, so carefree children, but then everyone went their own way. Despina and I broke up our ways, we never had a strong friendship. We weren’t friends, we were hanging out. Despina made her dream come true and I am very happy for her” she added.