Helen Karousaki: There have been moments that upset me in my career

‘ I reviewed a lot in my life and in my friendship” she confesses. Both in the moments she lived with the fires in Matti and the collaboration with Sabrina and Harry Akritides, in the recent past, Helen Karousakis spoke on the camera of the show “Your Morning” on Thursday at OPEN. “We never had a problem with the poster in collaboration with Harry Akritis and Sabrina. It was a perfect partnership with Charoulis, it doesn’t exist, I love him! Sabrina is also a friend. He hasn’t been here to see me at the store I’m showing up for lately, but of course I’m going if we don’t happen to be singing at the same time. I am one of the people I go to and visit friends and partners, I am not one of those who go only to work and then I close up at home” the popular singer initially stressed. “He means there have been times when I was upset in my career. Of course I’ve been upset but I’ve always responded with a smile and kept them for myself. After the whole thing that happened to me with the fire in Matty, where I saw death with my own eyes, I realized what death meant, I revised too much in my life and in my friendship.” “It means that I was scared then and I think whoever has not experienced it is one thing that is not described. Nothing goes through the mind at such times, there is a darkness” Eleni Karousaki also stressed.