Heidiari: “He called out to stab me,” says 16-year-old who tried to be kidnapped

In shock remains the 16-year-old who went to be kidnapped at Sunday morning (03/03/2024) with the perpetrator threatening to stab her. As the girl describes, the 22-year-old man pulled her out of her hair and tried to force her into his car, telling her that if she screams, she will stab her on Sunday mornings (03/03/2024) in Haidari. “My friend was sick and she wanted me to take her a medicine, we live very close. I went out with the slippers to give it to her, we met halfway, and I gave it to her. On my way out, I saw him and he attacked me, he grabbed me. He was trying to get me to his car. He pulled my head off first and then the earrings fell, I don’t know how, I didn’t understand what was happening at the time.” The young girl never expected that two steps outside her house could happen. She started screaming with all her strength so her family could hear her. He was trying in every way to get out of his hands. ‘ I kicked him twice and he let me go. He told me to stop yelling or he’ll stab me. I hear the neighbor screaming what happened and I go there and the same time I walk into the neighbor’s house, my mom comes and writes his plates. I had never seen him before, I first saw him.” Her mother, shocked, heard her daughter’s cries. He was immediately thrown out of the house and had time to see the shooter’s car. A neighbor came out and ran to help the underage girl. “I heard her voices, her screams and threw myself out, went barefoot and ran to the square. He caught her from behind, shut her mouth, pulled her hair, dropped her earrings, there was a struggle. She kicked him and he yelled at her: ‘ Shut up! Don’t yell. I will stab you!’ The neighbor heard the voices and went out and the child went there,” her mother says. What the 22-year-old The 22-year-old claimed after his apology was released on restrictive terms. He claimed he was lost and asked the young girl for help. “I have nothing to do with what I am accused of. It all happened at 06:30 in the morning when I was trying to find the main road and get home. I asked the 16-year-old to show me the way, and she misunderstood it and insulted me vulgarly. That’s why I slapped her, which I regret. But I have nothing to do with what they blame me, as it appears in forensics.” “My daughter didn’t know him. He has been charged and pending court against him for child pornography and is out on restraining terms. My child is in a bad state of mind,” says the girl’s mother. The 16-year-old girl tries to overcome the shock, with the 22-year-old saying she has nothing to do with what he’s been accused of. 22-year-old lawyer: “I am angry at the vulgar attack the young man has been attacked” George Kanaris, a 22-year-old lawyer spoke on the Live News show and presented the manager’s version of what happened with the 16-year-old. “I am angry at the vulgar attack that this young man who accepts the act, that he slapped the girl, when she chastised vulgarly. He said (his commanding officer) he was sorry to Mrs. Interrogator. All of this was routed by the Haidari A.T.”. Especially for the 22-year-old said his lawyer: “We had a two-day man-eater. These two days the evidence of the defendant’s innocence where did he go? We declared our sympathy for both the 16 – year – old and the 16 – year – old family. A forensic examination was ordered that showed minor damage.”

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