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By decree of the Board of misdemeanors referred to trial for misdemeanors, felonies and not as originally prosecuted four-Zachopoulos involved in the scandal. This Evi Ceku, the then lawyer Chris Nikoloutsopoulos, publisher Themos Anastasiadis and journalist John Makriyannis.

Evi Ceku indicted for extortion and violation of the law on personal data. Categories related to the violation of the law on personal data and charged three others relating to the case of “Pink” DVD.
Two other people were found in the case accused acquitted. These lawyers Hercules Koutelida and Dimitri Balermpa.
The decree refers to the mode of action of Mr. Ceku, which made it through the DVD tried to blackmail the then general secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Christos Zachopoulos to secure the appointment. As noted, failed as he had not relented and opted for suicide.

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