He almost died from a simple one-night stand of the doctors ‘ [photos]

The Doctors said she just has an allergy. Unfortunately, Things have been… MUCH Worse!
The Allana Prosser began to experience daily severe headaches when she was just 11 years old. The painkillers didn’t help at all. Sometimes he slept right away as soon as he sat down.
“I was taking a couple of painkillers with paracetamol every 4 hours to even touches the pain,” he said.
When he went to the doctors, they kicked her out with painkillers.
He started drinking a lot of fluids, up to 7 liters a day.
The vision was blurred, I had good balance. But rather than look it up, the doctors told her that it was probably due to allergy to the cheese.
When she was 16, had not come yet the period. All her friends had been up to then. When it expressed concern that the previous doctor told her to come back when you are 18.
But soon came incontinence. “I couldn’t go to work, to the shops, generally, where he had of the world.”
But I gave her οξυβουτύνη, which helps people with muscle spasms of the bladder.
Finally, this year, her eye began to twitch, and finally could not open it. So he went to an optometrist, who sent her to an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist immediately sent for ct and mri.

Soon they reached the new. He had a craniopharyngioma – a large tumor with a cyst – in the pituitary gland, and keep pressure on the optic nerve of her right eye.
These tumors often found in children, adolescents and young adults, and can cause problems on hormones, the vision and development as they grow the tumors.
They took her immediately to remove the fluid from his brain, and made a few more surgeries to remove the tumor.

After having removed the greatest part – some had to stay at the risk of her life – they were told that the eye wouldn’t open again. But she was determined, and a combination of paper tape, and the exercises helped to put it on again.

Now he’s in therapy with beams of protons, and despite the problems, he feels grateful.
“The last six months were the most difficult for family and friends, and above all, for me. I am truly blessed with the love and support and I couldn’t have done it without you,” he says to supporters of the page that he put together to raise money.
“For this reason I will fight, and fight every setback, to prove to everyone and myself that I am a fighter and I can overcome this terrible disease.”Source