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Hatzidakis: We are waiting for explanations from SYRIZA for this recital of political hypocrisy

Labour Minister Kostis Hatzidakis after the announcement of the result issued a statement “nailing” SYRIZA and naming him a political storm. “The Labour Protection Bill, passed today by a majority in the House, is a major incision in the country’s labour law. Greece is now following the path of advanced European states in labour market issues. The new law gives power to the worker. It gives power to the economy.

The roll-call vote we gave, made the unveiling of the opposition, and in particular of SYRIZA.
In particular, SYRIZA voted in favour of almost half the articles of this “three-way” bill. Only 42 of the 128 articles were voted on by New Democracy MPs, while the remaining 86 articles were also voted on by opposition MPs. 56 articles garnered over 200 votes.

Underlining its political confusion, SYRIZA voted against Article 55, which enshrines the 8-hour period!! It also voted against the provisions of the Labour Inspectorate, including Articles 122 and 123, which provide for an easier procedure for imposing penalties and issuing an order for payment, while:
– Vote “present” in Article 14 which provides for the possibility for a worker to claim his rights in the event of violence or harassment through his trade union!
– Vote “present” in Article 31 which stipulates the possibility for the working parent to request flexible hours, even though it comes from Directive 1158/2019, which they themselves signed.
– Vote “present” in ARTICLES 37 and 45 defining child care leave and leave for single-parent families.
– Vote “present” in ARTICLE 56 restricting employers’ ability to circumvent the break in order to arbitrarily extend workers’ hours.
– Vote “present” in Article 70 which provides for the possibility for delivery service providers to union.
– Vote “present” in Article 85 prohibiting the financing of trade unions by employers and political parties.
We are waiting for a rudimentary explanation, if any, for this recital of political tempest and hypocrisy” notes Mr Hatzidakis.

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