Hatzidakis: In less than 20 days the announcement about raising the minimum wage

“In less than 20 days his increase will be announced, ” said the Minister of National Economy and Finance, in SKAI. Kostas Hatzidakis said that “the economy goes much better than it went until 2019. Greece has room to go better. But we have a way ahead.” According to previous statements by the Ministry of Finance, the new minimum wage will exceed 800 euros gross, compared to the 780 euros it has been for almost a year. At the same time, most scientific bodies predict increases from 2.7% to 16.4%, while with the exception of the GSC Institute of Labour, which proposes an increase of 16.4%, the majority propose an increase between 2.7% – 5%. If the government accepts any of the proposals made by bodies – except INE GSEE – the new gross minimum wage would amount from 1 April from EUR 801 to EUR 819 (mixed).

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