Hardalias: 154 fires across the country

Authorities today called for 154 fires across the country. Of these, 98 started today.

In Attica, there are high and dangerous thermal loads. The most important problems are in Varybobi and the Thrakomakedones firefighters are fighting to stop the fire in Pefkofyto.

700 firefighters are operating, while 10 helicopters and 10 aircraft were operating. 120 firefighters from Cyprus and France are assisting, volunteer groups, and work equipment of the Region and the Local Authorities.

The work of extinguishing is also assisted by forces of foreign countries. From France, 82 firefighters are operating in Afidnes and two canard aircraft in Parnitha. From Croatia 1 canard. Today 2 aircraft are expected from Sweden, from Switzerland 2 super puma helicopters.

The Fire Brigade has made three arrests for arson.