Hamas makes clear that it will not compromise the demands for a definitive Gaza truce

The will not make “no compromise” on its demands for a final truce in and out of the Israeli forces in exchange for any agreement to free hostages. As a Hamas representative stressed “our first priority before any agreement on the exchange of prisoners is the full guarantee of the cessation of the attack and the departure of the enemy” from the Gaza Strip, “and there will be no compromise on it,” he stressed. Hamas also calls for the return of hundreds of thousands displaced due to the civilian war in their homes and the start of reconstruction on this ground. Israel demands that Hamas give an accurate list of hostages still alive in Gaza but the Islamist movement states that it ignores who is “live or dead” among them. Abu Obeda also invited the Palestinians to “move” and “slid” during Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims, in Al-‘ Aksha of Jerusalem, where there are fears of tensions during this period, after five months of war in Gaza between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement. The United States, Qatar and Egypt are trying to reach an agreement to cease hostilities before Ramadan, which begins early next week, but the negotiations held this week in Cairo did not bear fruit. U.S. President Joe Biden warned this week about a “very dangerous” situation in Israel and especially Jerusalem, if hostilities continue during Ramadan. The Gaza war broke out on October 7 after Hamas’ unprecedented commando attack, who infiltrated the Gaza Strip in southern Israel resulting in the death of at least 1,160 people, most civilians, according to a tally of the French Agency based on official Israel data. He saw retaliation, Israel launched a military operation that has so far counted 30,800 dead in Gaza, mainly civilians, according to the Hamas Health Ministry. Nearly 250 people were kidnapped and transported to Gaza on October 7. According to the Israeli authorities, 130 are still detained, of which 31 are believed to be dead, after the release of more than a hundred hostages in exchange for the release of 240 Palestinians from Israel during the truce in November.