Half the NCAA will take from tomorrow’s pensioners – THESE are the new amounts

Published in the government GAZETTE, the joint ministerial decision of the ministries of Finance and Labour for the adjustment of the amounts of the Allowance of Social Solidarity for Pensioners (NCAA) year 2017…
In accordance with the provisions of this decision, caused expenditure at the expense of the Single Social Security Institution (ΕΦΚΑ) eur 313,4 million. euro, which will be covered from the budget of the ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity and, in particular, from the appropriations OEM 2737 of 33.210.
In particular, it is stipulated that from 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2017 the NCAA will be paid exclusively in already pensioners, and beneficiaries of old-age pension, invalidity and death, of εντασσομένων in ΕΦΚΑ institutions of main insurance, except for the pensioners of the OGA, as well as the Bank of Greece, whose retirement begins prior to the entry into force of the new insurance law(law.4387/2016).
Amounts allowance NCAA
a. For overall amounts of pension income (main and supplementary), salaries, wages and other benefits or aids, and up to 7.216,00 euro per annum, be paid an allowance amount of 115 euro per month, from 230 euros received this category until today.
b. For total amounts of income from 7.216,01 eur up to the amount of 7.972,00 euro per annum, will be paid a monthly allowance (NCAA), in accordance with the following:
From 7.216,01 eur up to the amount of 7.518,00 euros, an amount of 86,25 eur 172,50 eur.
From 7.518,01 euro and up to a total of 7.720,00 euro 57,50 euros from 115 euros.
From 7.720,01 eur up to the amount of 7.972,00 euro 28,75 eur 57,50 euro..
Conditions for the NCAA
. For the payment of the allowance have to be met cumulatively the following conditions:
a. To have completed the 65th year of their age. For the retired, due to disability, with a disability percentage of 80% and above, as well as for the children who receive a pension due to the death of their parent, not require the completion of age limit. In the case of completion of the 65th year of age within the year 2017, the benefit is paid from the first of the following month of the completion of the 65th year of age.
b. The total net annual income from pensions (main, auxiliary and aids to be paid in cash), salaries, wages and other allowances, not exceeding the amount of 7.972 million. For the determination of this income shall not be taken into account of the amounts corresponding to the pension for the handicapped, victims of war period, and, during the execution of the military service, victims of terrorism, as well as to the welfare aids.
c. The total annual individual taxable and the exempt or taxable in a special way income of the pensioner, not to exceed the amount of 8.884 euro.
d. The total annual family taxable and the exempt or taxable in a special way income, not to exceed the amount of 11.000 euros.
e. The total gross amount of main and supplementary pension paid during the month of issuance of this ministerial decree, which includes all kinds of benefits, not to exceed the 664 euro.
f. The above amounts, the cases b, c and d, relate to income received in the year 2015 and declared in the tax declaration income tax year 2016.