Half-marathon 2024: 88 years old the greatest runner who made the route Kalabaka – Trikala

The 88-year-old George Themelis was the older runner of the 15th Kalambaka – . On the other hand, the youngest was 13-year-old George Kottas. George Themelis, at 88 years old, with his participation in the Kalabaka Half Marathon – Trikala proved, once again this year, that sport is not age! It only takes will and… strong guts. Trikalaola.gr’s camera recorded the effort of the 88-year-old runner in the 15th Half Marathon Kalabaka – Trikala “Thanasis Stamopoulos”. He was the older athlete involved. With the youngest, 13-year-old George Kotta, they may be separated for 75 years, but they are joined by the great love for the track! Watch video:

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