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H Merkel criticises Austria for the attitude and declares: “The closed border does not discourage the refugees…”

The difficult conditions at the border of Greece and FYROM do not discourage…
refugees, declares in an interview in the German newspaper Volksstimme the Άγκελα Merkel: “Whoever abandons Aleppo to escape the bombing, or of the murderers of the Islamic State not shocked by the difficulties in Greece,” says the German chancellor.
Once again the Άγκελα Merkel is critical of the unilateral decision of Vienna to close, de facto, the borders to flows of refugees. In her interview stresses that “anyone who closes borders does not address the causes of the refugee crisis. This poses long term risks for the German economy”. At another point the chancellor stressed: “we Need permanent solutions at the european level. And no “solutions” which include decisions which are then called upon other countries to shoulder”.
Referring to Greece, the chancellor reiterated that “we cannot abandon the country to its fate”. At the same time, however, criticised the Athens saying that the Greek government had pledged to create by the end of 2015 areas (hot spot) for the hosting of 50,000 refugees. “But this was not done as agreed,” he said. Merkel.
Had weird hair: Direct transport of refugees in Germany
On his part, the austrian chancellor Werner had weird hair, in an interview published today in the austrian newspaper Kurier, defends the decisions of his government, and it indicates in Berlin to transport refugees directly to Germany from Greece, or from countries neighbouring Syria, such as Turkey or Jordan. Mr had weird hair suggests, in fact, be given to the refugees on travel documents. “Such an allocation provided for anyway. Austria cannot and should not become a centre for the redistribution of refugees. It is not possible to allow every day for the passage of a few thousand people or Germany, to inform us that you will accept in a day to 2,000, 1,000 or a refugee”. The austrian chancellor adds that the allocation of refugees should be done in countries at the external borders of the EU, namely Greece and Italy. “Austria can’t be the waiting room Germany”, emphasises Werner had weird hair.
Turkish objections to the mission of the NATO in the Aegean sea
The mission of the NATO in the Aegean in the context of management of the refugee crisis hits, as we all show, in the resistance of Turkey. The French News Agency AFP cites diplomats of the nato alliance, who speak of two main problems: Firstly, the Anchor rejects the German request to allow the presence of nato ships in the territorial waters and, secondly, appears unwilling to implement the agreement for the return of those refugees have been rescued by nato forces. In accordance with nato circles, the mission of NATO now depends on the negotiations called for in the Anchor with the German head of the nato mission, admiral Γεργκ Klein. So far there has been, however, known if the attitude of Turkey is simply due to prevarication and procrastination, or if there are disagreements between the government and the army, reports AFP. In statements, the German minister of Defence Ursula von der Λάιεν stresses that the mission of NATO will bring more transparency in what the Turkish side in the management of the refugee.

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