H incredible statement of Pangalos: “When you’re nothing and you’re proud that you’re a prime Minister at 40, you’re a freak”

“When you’re nothing and you’re proud…
why did you become a 40 Pm you’re just a freak”, wrote, inter alia, on Twitter Theodoros Pangalos on the occasion of what he said Alexis Tsipras earlier in the House on, etc.
“Awareness is the excessive self-esteem. When you’re not nothing and you’re proud because you’ve become at 40 Pm you’re just a freak.
So what was the point? to overcome the Dora? Way to go, comrades! There is no historical background for fireplaces in Greece. It’s just fantasies κομπλεξικών bourgeois,” he noted.
The prime Minister speaking earlier, and for the benefit of Dora Bakoyannis said: “you accuse Me of using. You had every right and would be justified a little awareness in someone who does not come from a “fireplace” and has managed in the forty of becoming prime minister” winning the applause of the members and the credit of mr Yannis Dragasakis, who said to him: “very good answer”.