Guilty of manslaughter by negligence the armed officer of the film “Rust” – July on the stand and Alec Baldwin

Guilty of negligent manslaughter was found the person responsible for weapons the film “Rust”, Hannah Gutierrez- Reed, who armed and delivered it with which he accidentally killed photography director Halina Hutchins, while injuring director Joel Sousa. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was found innocent for a second charge – falsifying evidence about Halyna Hutchins’ fatal injury in 2021 by a gun held by Alec Baldwin on the set of the film “Rust”. The 26-year-old gunman now faces up to 18 months in prison. The famous actor, Alec Baldwin also faces the same charge of manslaughter from negligence regarding the fatal incident and is expected to be tried next July. 42-year-old Hutchins, was killed when the gun Baldwin used in a rehearsal of the film shot with a real bullet on his western set, in New Mexico. As Reuters notes, the moment police were driving the 26-year-old out of the room, after the verdict, she turned to her mother who had broken out in sobbing and reassured her by telling her that everything would be fine. According to the conviction, Gutierrez-Reed had not ensured that the gun was filled only with false bullets – false bullets used to look and sound like real ones. “This case is about constant, endless security failures that resulted in the death of a man,” said prosecutor Kari T Morrissey during the final speech. Gutierrez-Reed was “indecent”,“ careless” and “inconsiderate” when she did not notice that the real bullets were mixed with false bullets in a box of ammunition on the set, Ms. Morrissey told the jury.

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