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(Title) For fiscal arrangements accuracy refers to the president of the National Confederation of Greek Commerce on the occasion of the inflation and proposes the solution of the equation of excise duty on diesel fuel and heating instead of increase or transfer of VAT.
The weight Korkidis a statement indicates that excessive increases in indirect taxes keep inflation in August to 5.5% in the corresponding levels of August 1997.
The “tax increases” that entered the market through increases in fuel transport, alcoholic beverages and tobacco in the communications, housing and education incurred by the consumer and consolidated over the last five months a status of “fiscal precision” the statement stressed.

also noted that the increase the price index, especially in this season of summer discounts characterized by high rates of price decline, thought to be the economic team for the inflation by the end of the year and revised based on new data, the initial tax political targets .
In addition, the change in CPI from 0.8% in August last year and 2.4% in January this year, rose 5.5% in July and August, creating multiple problems for businesses and households. The sharp increase in inflation causes side effects, as the market cools and increases the padlocks, affects the economic situation of households, real income deprives the consumer and would increase the liquidity of companies, as reflected by the reduction of private savings in banks of 4 billion.

Also as noted, the attempt of the Greek trade for lower prices on many consumer goods are clearly illustrated in the recent paintings of the annual and monthly changes in the consumer price index of the Greek Statistical Authority.
More specifically, there are negative signs in the tables change as the CPI for apparel and footwear to reduce prices of about -8.1% in durable goods and household goods (-2.5%), while many other commodities have virtually no change
According to these data, the ESEE continues to object to in the scenarios increase or transfer of VAT and prefers the solution of the equation of the excise on diesel fuel and heating. By the way, it can cover part of the deficit, to freeze the tax at the same time to reduce the smuggling of fuel from which the government is losing 1.5 billion annually.
Finally, the statement suggested the funds saved to cover annual subsidy of 1.4 billion allowance for heating oil economically weaker groups.

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