Gregory Arnautoglu: I was cheated the worst way, the whole thing was recorded on the cell phone.

At the uncomfortable moment when he became her listening witness who experienced from his former partner, he described the air of his show, The 2Night Show. Gregory Arnautoglou on Tuesday night (05.03.2024) proceeded to a highly personal confession during an interview with singer Klavdia. The presenter described how he learned in the past that he was cheated on by a former companion. “They cheated on me the worst way! There’s no fraud I’ve experienced. You want me to tell you how I heard I was cheated on? There’s nothing worse than what happened to me. The whole act was recorded on the cell phone. He must have been in a car, stepped on and called me. I didn’t pick up. It was on the answering machine and I heard it, I heard it again and I heard it again. At that time I was cut by cold sweat, simply ” described by Gregory Arnautoglou. “But let me say something with my mind now. Whoever cheats on each other for pity is not the deceiver but the perpetrator. The other person who knows, anyone could do that. But he’s for pity, he’s got the problems in him. Not the other man,” the presenter added to yesterday’s The 2Night Show.

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