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    (Title) More and more uninsured Greek resort in polyclinics of MDM, which were established to care for refugees. According to the Greek organization of the turnout, especially children, is increasing daily, and there are significant shortages in medicines.

    By Konstantina Tsilomeleki

    The Ministry of Health has syntrexei effort despite the fact that just this year, the Polyclinic in Athens has taken care of 20 000 patients. “It is a parallel health care system” told TVXS Nikitas Kanakis, president of the Greek part of MDM.

    Within 10 years the organization has managed to create with the help of volunteers four polyclinics in Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania, Perama. The main objective is to care for people without access to the NHS, without excluding anyone. The services provided by other medical diagnoses is finding clothing, food and shelter. “This kind of medicine is a way of defending the rights we protect them in practice,” said Mr. Kanakis. So far the polyclinics have passed 300 000 people who are mostly immigrants, homeless, uninsured and Greek children.

    The “disease of refugee

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