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Greek / Turkish and Refugee: Cryptic Messages and Acts…

Writes Professor George Πιπερόπουλος
Read, see and hear in the MEDIA that it was “successful”…
visit of our Prime minister, mr. Tsipras and the Group of Ministers that accompanied him on his recent visit to Izmir, where they were the bilateral talks with the Turkish Prime minister mr. Davutoglu and his team of Ministers…
I remembered the Σμυρνιά my mother “lady Στάσα” (light soil of Katerini, of which it covers) and I wondered what she’d tell me if he lived and saw, listened and read to what we live now we Greeks…
In the other I read that mr. Tsipras voted in Phd “a Private University based in Izmir…
I wonder what they call the “left-wing” beliefs groovy former comrades and mature age current associates of mr. Tsipras to accept a Phd from a PRIVATE University established in Turkish territory, was founded in 2001 by the Chamber of commerce of Izmir and was recognized on the basis of the current Turkish Law on private Colleges!.
The Greek prime minister is the 5th honorary doctorate of the particular Institution, since before the former Turkish President Demirel, and the Ecumenical Patriarch mr Vartholomeos.
I want to INFORM the Greek Ministry of FOREIGN affairs of that particular Institution that awarded the title of Phd in “Political Economy” to the Greek Prime minister states that has declared an honorary διδάκτορά and the Ecumenical Patriarch mr. Bartholomew the 1st, Orthodox Patriarch of ΦΑΝΑΡΙΟΥ(!)
(Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the Orthodox Patriarch of the Phanar),
If I’m wrong please correct me but I think that mr Bartholomew ενθρονίσθηκε 1990 as the 207ος Archbishop of Constantinople – New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch as primate of about 300 million orthodox Christians from the USA to Australia…
See here:
And before I close the subject, I would remind friends of readers that in our Country today they are 34 Universities and colleges as Public Institutions of Higher Education, and about 25 “Private Colleges”.
I wonder (if you miss you) HOW and decided a Public UNIVERSITY/educational INSTITUTE or a Private College to award the title of Phd to mr. Tsipras?
Do you think applies in the case of mr. Tsipras the classic “no one is prophet in his country” (the phrase of the New Testament is used to indicate that the value of a man usually is not recognized in the place of, a similar meaning is the proverb “no one” sanctified “in place of”. The phrase was said by Jesus when he visited his hometown of Nazareth after his baptism by preaching the Kingdom of God in the region of Galilee, where the inhabitants have accepted willingly the teaching, but it didn’t happen the same with the fellow who εξοργίσθηκαν with the appearance of Jesus as the Messiah),
He sent us a cryptic message of the Turkish Diplomacy?
Read, see and hear in the MEDIA the statements of the competent Minister k Μουζάλα for “welcome” Turks observers/controllers to the islands, which if we were face to face I would say:
“Sir Μουζάλα I would prefer you and our prime Minister, mr. Tsipras (now, after the visit in Izmir ceremonial during the academic protocol Dr Tsipras) to have insisted and to have achieved exactly the reverse namely, to accept mr. Davutoglu, and the Ministers responsible to send plenty of our own observers/controllers to the Turkish coast, to assist in the work of the Turkish border guards, since they don’T DO, to identify and arrest their fellow nationals slavers in order to be saved from drowning women, children and men, and to breathe the freedom of movement within the neighborhoods and the narrow streets of the Greek islanders, who would be exempted from guilt, and unfounded accusations that they are racists, xenophobes and inhospitable…”
The French President, mr. Hollande, “has grown” in my evaluation as well as released to the MEDIA its position AGAINST the ABOLITION of Visas for Turkish Nationals given the internationally acceptable “corruption” in the Turkish State Mechanism (which far exceeds our own data) and also to the inability of the Turkish Authorities to control their borders for the movement of illegal immigrants from local slave traders.
Since last Monday, March 7, in the Session where he started but did NOT complete the Agreement with Turkey NOT convinced as the Greeks, the other 27 co-partners in the E.E. I suggest in the next 17-18 March to remind to 27, starting from the Germany of Merkel (which on a Sunday was defeated in 2 regions and saw the AfD to participate in 8 of the 16 regional Parliaments), the European Union was founded on the Principles of Unity, Solidarity and Harmony, which are represented in our common flag with 12 Golden Stars on a background of blue…
But, as things evolve, with some acts of Government officials and some so-called that εκστομίζουν responsible Government lips, certainly many, and not only the Golden Dawn, will remind us of neglected walks and embrace the German Chancellor mr Merkel with the Prime minister’s twin Samaras-Venizelos in the not so distant past and βροντερές categories and historical references in…Γερμανοτσολιάδες!…

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