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Greek PM rules out default or exit from euro zone

Gordon Brown and Greek PM
Greek Prime Minister
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Greek PM rules out default or exit from euro zone
Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou told a meeting of top bankers on Friday he would not back down in the face of the country’s debt crisis but would do what was needed get Greece back onto a growth track.
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Greek Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis and David Shankbone

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Today Greek Prime Minister Costas Kara-man-lees wrapped up his visit to Ankara. The Prime Minister started the second day of his Ankara trip by visiting A-ta-turk’s mausoleum despite harsh reactions by some Greek opposition. /// Karamanlis on the second day of his historic visit was received by the Turkish president Abdullah Gul. The guest Prime Minister and Turkish President had a minor accident during the press conference. After shaking hands, the two went to sit back in their chair but instead almost fell onto the floor. The foreign Ministers held their leaders by the arm to prevent them from falling off. The most meaningful visit of Karamanlis was in the morning. Karamanlis and the Greek Foreign Minister Bakonayanni and the Greek delegates visited Turkiye’s founder’s mausoleum despite Greek opposition’s oversensitive remarks and warnings. Historically, Greek extreme nationalists do not have favorable feelings about the founder of Turkiye since he has a major role in ending Megalo Idea planning to invade the Aegean side of the Turkish peninsula. Karamanlis noted the importance of peace and cooperation in his message which he recorded in the visitor’s book at the mausoleum. The Greek Prime Minister held talks with the Republican People’s Party leader, Deniz Baykal after visiting the mausoleum on Thursday. Baykal gave Karamanlis a painting of Greek leader Venizelos and Ataturk. Baykal said the dialog and the friendship between the two leaders should be sustained at
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