Greek gave the best answer to a German “son of a bitch”

    A comeback Greek Manfred Weber proposed a temporary elimination of Greece from the Schengen…
    Ἔστειλα the following message in page the listen Manfred Weber, who proposed the προσωρινὴ ἀποβολὴ of Ἑλλάδας by the ΓερμανοΕυρωπαϊκὴ Union (since under translation, for those without a ἐξπέρ in Ἀγγλική):
    Mr. Weber,
    I read with ‘interest’ and horror your proposal that Greece should withdraw temporarily from the GermanoEuropean Union because of its ‘inability’ to guard its frontier which is European frontier. I hope you do realize as an intelligent person that most non-Germanic Europeans a viable solution would be to expel permanently Germany out of the European Union! Do you really think that your Germany, of Czechia with its loud mouthed President, compare to our Greece? Not even closely and I will tell you why:
    a) we border with Turkey, a country bursting with immigrants in? Germany (or Czechia) doesn’t!
    b) Germany and the GermanoEuropean Union subsidize Turkey (not the border its own coastline) and then blame Greece for not guarding its frontier and
    c) Your Germany invited the immigrants in (remember the reports of the German Labour Union Institute or whatever you call it claiming that Germany will need millions of workers?), we didn’t!
    I will stop here! There is one more thing: we don’t have a Dachau to re-open the ‘host’ immigrants and we haven’t sent refugees to the islands we used as exiles during our dark years!
    In light of all the above, I consider you totally inadequate to judge our position, much less to express opinions for our future!
    A Greek ‘friend’ not wishing to become a subject of the Fourth Reich
    Apostolos Walls, son of Michael
    The this be ἀποσταλεῖ and in Γερμανικὴ Embassy and his ΕὐρωΚοινοβούλιο.
    And in English:
    Mr. Weber,
    I read with it ἐνδιαφέρον’ and horror at the suggestion that the would had to ἀποχωρήσει προσωρινὰ by the German
    Ευρωπαϊκὴ Union ἐξαιτίας of ‘ἀνικανότητάς her to guard the borders of the ὀποῖα ἀποτελοῦν and εὐρωπαϊκὰ border. Ἐλπίζω to understand as and person, that for the most not Γερμανοειδεῖς Εὐρωπαίους. a viable solution would was to ἀποβληθεῖ ὁριστικὰ the Germany of the εὐρωπαϊκὴ Union! Do you believe the that the Germany, the the Czech republic with the λογᾶ of the President, shall be compared by the ? Keep during mind and be your πῶ the why:
    a) border by the Turkey, a country that is overflowing with immigrants? the Germany (or the Czech republic) no!
    b) The germany and the ΓερμανοΕὐρωπαϊκὴ Union ἐπιδοτοῦν the Turkey (not for to περιπολεῖ the ἀκτογραμμή) and with accusation the that ” keep the borders and
    c) The Germany invited τοὺυς immigrants (θυμᾶστε in ἀναφορὲς of Γερμανικοῦ Ἰνστιτούτου Ἐργασίας or ὄπως impossible the say that ἰσχυριζόταν that the Germany would χρειαστεῖ ἑκατομμύρια ἐργατῶν it?), us not!
    Would stop this! There is a still a matter of: is Us we εἴχαμε ποτὲ Dachau for to the again-open to ‘welcome’ immigrants and ” we sent the refugees in νησιὰ that εἴχαμε use as ἐξορίες during the darkest years!
    Judging by all the above, you θεωρῶ completely ἀνεπαρκή to judge the position, πολλῷ ” rather to ἐκφράζετε mind for the future!
    A Ἕλληνας ‘friend’ that we ἐπιθυμεῖ to become ὑπήκοος of the Fourth Reich
    Apostle Βρανᾶς of Michael
    The above letter was posted on the personal page of Manfred Weber while will be sent from the main Apostle of Vrana and at the German embassy.
    We recall that the chairman of the EPP Group in the european Parliament Manfred Weber set ήτημα temporary exit of Greece from the Schengen area.
    In an interview with the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the chief of the K.The. of the European People’s Party in the european Parliament pointed out, inter alia, that “Greece does not protect its borders in accordance with what is set out in the current Treaty of Schengen, and consequently is in breach of European Law.
    When the member states are not in a position to respond to their duties to safeguard the external borders then you will need Frontex to take custody of the disputed border points. The relevant bill has been tabled for two weeks, and I hope that it will have broad support from the member states. In case, however, neither the Frontex is not in a position to secure the border, then consideration should be given to the temporary exit of a country from the Schengen area”.