Greek debt crisis analyzed on doXtop

Can a Greek bailout rescue euro zone? Greek debt crisis has shaken the foundations of euro zone and also pushed global financial markets into red during the last few weeks. doXtop members have published a set of quality papers, analysis and comments which may help average reader get some input into causes, remedies and consequences of the heavy public debt and budget deficit in Greece. Beatrice has published a document titled A Greek bailout – explaining the legality of the move and its costs for the EU taxpayers. Antonela brings two interesting readings: Greek debt crisis and the euro and Greek crisis and the Euro zone, both dedicated to the future of the single European currency. doXtop`s online library contains many other quality reports and documents related to the issues of fiscal troubles in Greece, economic problems in Dubai, global financial and credit crisis and many other business and economy related documents. You can find them by applying Related by option in our advanced flash viewer, which is also equipped with other useful options, such as: – Links to a PDF rendition for download and/or print – Toggle for full screen mode – Share function (embed, email to friends . . . ) – Scrolling options for various reading modes – Zoom function – Powerful full text search Depending on the source document, flash viewer will auto-create links for Show PDF, Show as a Web site, Show HTML. In cases where it’s possible, it will even support hyperlinks. You can use doXtop in order to publish your own content, such as short stories, novels, brochures, white papers, newsletters, resumes, user manuals, job descriptions, educational materials, periodical reports, research studies, e-books, news articles and much more. doXtop can also be used to build online libraries on any subject. We call it magazines and they work as individual Web sites based on sets of publications related to the same themes. They can be managed by one or more persons. Our publishing platform enables you to create and collaborate on documents with people around the world and then publish the results into highly configurable social publishing sites and market these websites to specific interest groups. It lowers your costs, saves time and resources and cuts out the middle men. doXtop is a free, open social content publisher that puts the power of a full-blown virtual publishing house at your fingertips. doXtop supports the Web Open Social standard, which means that any doXtop publication can be automatically syndicated into social networks which support this standard. doXtop has been approved as an application on number of sites, including the world-popular Ning. Others are Orkut, Hi5, Friendster and FanBox. Best of all – it is free, easy to use and you do not need to understand Web technology in order to exploit all advantages of doXtop.