10.000 health workers suspended as of today!

The measure of suspension of duties for unvaccinated workers in the health system will take effect today, against the background of the ongoing protests of the Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Employees (POEDIN) in local hospitals and calls by the Ministry for vaccinations of the NHS against the coronavirus by the new leadership of the Ministry of Health.

An estimated 10.000 health workers have yet to be vaccinated with the majority being in the Regional hospitals and health centers and being a vital part of the nursing staff.

And as the law on compulsory vaccinations of health workers now stipulates, unvaccinated workers will be suspended from their work both for their own protection and for that of the patients they are caring for.

The immense pressure put on the hospitals and health centers across the country  – which will be recorded in the next 48 hours – and the coverage of the gaps is the first of a series of major issues the new Health Minister will have to address.