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    First, I want to express special thanks to Eli for the translation of “Appeal of the Macedonian Bulgarians” in Greek, without whose support this video would not vazmozhno.Kakto and Karaman, so I made the connection to Eli. Secondly I want to explain why the appeal was needed to be translated into such Gratski.Istinata. Due to the assimilation policy of Greece from 1913 to now in the Aegean Macedonius closed all schools and Cherkvi.Dnes Bulgarian Bulgarians in the Aegean part of Macedonia can not read and write in Bulgarian ezik.Zhalko, but it fakt.Te read and write in Greek . however, retained their language govorimo.Za Bulgarians from Aegean Macedonia made this movie. An appeal from the Macedonian Bulgarians to the Great Powers begging them not to sever them from Bulgaria, their common motherland May 20th, 1878 The whole world already knows of the age-long sufferings and torments to which the defenceless Christians have been subjected under fanatical Turkish rule. It is also well-known that the hellish tortures which the peace-loving Bulgarian people have, of late, endured through the unparalleled barbarism of the Turks all over their paternal hearth in Moesia, Thrace and Macedonia, aroused general indignation throughout the civilized world, and finally provoked the Russo-Turkish War, which recently ended with the conclusion in San Stefano of a Peace Treaty between the two warring sides. The whole Bulgarian people rejoices to see that their wishes have been fulfilled and their needs Video Rating: 3 / 5

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