Great Museums in the Rhodes Town – Rhodes Island, Greece

    Great Museums in the Rhodes Town – Rhodes Island, Greece

    Archaeological Museum:

    Spending time in Rhodes town during your Rhodes holidays is a dream of almost everyone. Especially when you visit the Archaeological Museum of this town you will come across with completely different experience. This museum is beautifully designed with two story building and situated in the medieval town of Rhodes. You can see many different statues in the central patio; one of the famous one is Hellenistic statue of the lion, which grasps all of your attention. You can also see the military weapons like Stone catapult missiles.

    There are many descriptions written over the way throughout the passage. These dedications and captions make us feel if we are part of the history. The first floor of this museum is filled up with ancient exhibitory items. The main findings such as prehistoric Ialyssos and Kameiros from the Geometric, archaic and conventional periods, boats, statuettes, jewelry, and metal objects are placed in the small room.

    In the sideways of the entrance in the huge patient’s hall you can see momentous wedges from the ruling era of Knights during the 14 and 16th centuries and heraldic shields. The worth seen rooms are those covering the statue collection with works from the ancient, traditional, Hellenistic and Roman time.

    Museum of Greek Modern Art:

    The Museum of Modern Art is situated in the middle of the medieval town. The Museum upholds the comprehensive assortments of Greek art of the 20th century. This all consist of several paintings, sculptures, designs and precious manuscript of the well-known Greek artists, for example Maleas, Parthenis, Theophilos, Tsarouhis, Vouzianis, Hatzikiriakos, Gikas and Moralis, on the Sokratous street.

    Nestoridion Melathron is a place where three different historical periods are seen to meet together, by means of all the services of a contemporary museum, for example a souvenir shop, a multimedia room, a library and repair workshops. So this museum will give you everything under one roof for your Rhodes holidays.

    The Decorative Arts Collection:

    The Decorative Arts Collection features items that were collected from Marica Montessanto all through the era of the Italian rule of Rhodes. The assortment gives tourists a framework of the environment in the center of the houses of the Dodecanese.

    You will have the opportunity to admire customary apparels, work of art, woodcuts, metallic, and pottery objects. These traditional apparels are especially admired by women of all the ages. You will have many things to explore during Rhodes holidays in the Decorative Arts Collection Museum.

    Folklore Museum:

    Folklore museum is situated in the old town of Rhodes island. This museum consists of a prosperous compilation of local outfits, Rhodian, Lindian and European plates. This museum is filled with the, colored plant or geometric decorum, embroidered bed linings and curtains which are from the era of 17th and 18th centuries. This museum is simply the best for exploring the history during your Rhodes holidays.

    Byzantine Museum:

    Byzantine museum is situated adjacent to Panaghia Nikis Church, in front of Mylon Gate, in the Old Town of Rhodes. It was constructed in 1480 by the Grand Master at the time when the Virgin emerged at this place. Just after emergence they granted success to the town then in cordon with the Turks.

    By visiting this museum you can make your Rhodes holidays ideas the best one. Especially those who love to see outstanding objects of the 14th century can find it on Byzantine museum. There are many historical items & icons like the Virgin Hodegetria from late Byzantine and post Byzantine era. Also you will find amazing paintings which are full of colors with traditional look. The history of these paintings trace back to the arch roofed cathedral of Aghios Zachariou.

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