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Great motivation for you to purchased a special machine for cancer patients

Initiative of life for the active support of the cancer assumes the… Chamber of commerce of Heraklion, in cooperation with the Commercial Association of Heraklion and the support of the Region of Crete and University of Crete.
The aim is to raise money from donations to buy a new machine brachytherapy to combat various forms of cancer, the cost of which exceeds 300,000 euros.

At a Press conference held today, the representatives of the above entities at the Chamber of Heraklion, announced the actions planned for the period ahead, to make known the joint effort.
Next Friday 16 December at 21.00 pm will be held a Charity night at the event center THE ΚΟΥΡΗΤΕΣ with the kind participation of artists of Cretan Music and the kind offer of bottled wine and cuisine from local businesses. The Entrance will be 20€ per person and the entire amount is available for a holy purpose.
Sunday 18 and Monday 19 December will be held a charity bazaar in the courtyard of the St. Titus 9: 00 am – 9: 00 pm. where will be sold special bracelets, charms and other gifts made by volunteers.
On the 28th of December will be held Concert of the Mixed choir of the Chamber of Heraklion “AGIOS DIMITRIOS” in the Basilica of San Marco, where also will be sold special bracelets, charms and other gifts made by volunteers.
As explained by mr Charalambos Βαρβέρης, Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology, PAGNI, last year came out of the operation of the corresponding machine, which operated from 1991 with the result that patients have to go to the only Public Hospital in Athens, which has a corresponding machine and private centres for their treatment, with a particularly high cost.
The President of the Chamber of Heraklion Manolis Αλιφιεράκης, said, “we cannot remain indifferent to a problem that endangers the lives of so many of our fellow human beings. We know that the process for the replacement of the machinery by the Ministry of Health is extremely time-consuming that’s why we took this initiative and we invite everyone to participate according to their financial capacity”.
The Governor Of Crete K. Stavros Arnaoutakis, after he congratulated all stakeholders who support this effort said: “We have an obligation on a moral and financial level to support the initiative. Our goal is not to switches a patient from the island of Crete for medical reasons in Athens, greece. We support good public health, the island has a great scientific-medical staff in our hospitals and Region of Crete is to be put substantially in this effort. We congratulate all those who participated for the purchase of medical machinery”.
The Dean of the University of Crete mr. Odysseas Zoras reported that in the last few years there has been a forced flow of patients to Athens, due to such shortcomings, and invited all to join in this sacred purpose, knowing that the sponsorship will help dozens of people from Crete and the Aegean islands.
The Chairman Of A Commercial Association Of Heraklion K. Manolis Koumantakis pointed out that today there is a huge problem that unfortunately the state can’t directly cover, so the business community with the contribution of the Region, decided to act to help those in need.
Mrs Golden Pangalos, member of the Board of directors of the Chamber of Heraklion and President of the Civil non-profit Company WITH WINNING THE CANCER, referred to the great and invaluable contribution of volunteers who help out in actions to support this initiative and stressed that the aim is to have accumulated the necessary amount by the end of February 2017Source

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