Government: ‘Welcome to the motion of censure’

‘ Welcome, ” is the government’s response to its call to SYRIZA, PASOK, and Freedom’s Floating to jointly take this parliamentary initiative. “They oppose a reform that has the acceptance of society,” they note sources of government for the opposition’s refusal to support the bill on non-state universities, whose debate began today in Parliament’s plenary. In response to complaints about insufficient public university support, the same sources point out that 70% of the bill concerns this very thing. As the government states, freedoms are provided to public AI and their funding through the budget, the Recovery Fund and exceptional aid will reach EUR 1 billion. It is recalled that a request for a motion of disbelief requires the signatures of at least 50 Members (one/6 of all Members) while following its testimony, a three-day debate in the House is followed by a roll-call vote.