Government sources for sentencing Belery: ‘Infringement of the presumption of innocence due to statements and acts outside’

For “infraction of the presumption of innocence due to outside statements and acts” they speak after yesterday’s sentencing decision on him. As government sources say about the sentencing of Beleri, “the decision strengthens the concerns expressed about the objectivity of the judicial crisis”. And they keep going: “At the stage of the trial’s evidence process for the two members of the Greek national minority there were significant contradictions in material”. According to the same sources, “the final penalty is apparently disproportionate to the extent of the alleged offence”. “The disproportionate prison sentence holds the elected mayor hostage and retains the defeated candidate in the mayorship, despite the explicit pre-month judgment imposing his immediate removal. The selective application of judgments and the pre-emption of judgments is not in line with the rule of law. This is not a bilateral issue but a question of the rule of law, which as a Community acquis is a clear condition for progress in accession procedures. The Greek government closely monitors the case and expects a genuine objective crisis in the second degree of jurisdiction,” they conclude.