Government Jobs for Sale – Pay to Play Gone Wild

    Most Americans sit in wonder of the long path from the Founding Fathers, whose best intentions were patriotic, to the “Floundering Fathers” whose best intentions are greed, self-importance and power lust. Attempting to conjure the images of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams or George Washington, wallets open, handing money to partisans for a plum position in government is repulsive. The reality is that the path from honorable government to dishonorable government has swung wide and long into what has become the politically acceptable game of “Pay to Play”: Paying huge sums of money to a political party with the forward-thinking intent of garnering a seat in the Senate, House of Representatives or a governorship as an accepted, albeit, less than honorable means to an end. Pay-to-play is so deeply ingrained into American politics that the floor of the Senate is littered with special interest lobbyists, highly paid, to sway government to their thinking. The position of the rest of citizenry, in terms of rights, is hazy at best. Government bought is government owned. The bigger the price tag, the bigger the parcel of ownership of government. To call such a political fantasy democracy is to contort the definition of the word, as it is commonly understood. When big business has become big government, citizens lose on every level. Freedoms, enacted and legislated by constitution, become games of double entendre. Laws apply only according to financial status. Elitism abounds and serfdom rears its ugly head, even in the most modern of governments, when a seat in the Senate has a price tag. Who is most responsible for “Pay-to-Play”? In a word, party bosses. These demons of the political world call all the shots. They and their closest inner circle cronies determine who can and will represent their party. From that point on, cronyism plants its roots that extend to the floor of the Senate, the House of Representatives and even, the Supreme Court. With a bastion of cronies at the ready to fill positions once their political star has won an election, the price tags are merely a matter of protocol. A shot at the position of governor only requires the fortunes of the Robber Barons for political support. But, a shot at a Senate or Congressional Rep seat is handled in truest party boss tyranny. Each party boss believes in his own political divinity to the extent that “yes” men fairly bow at their feet. This cannot be construed as the honor of the Founding Fathers. Therefore, it must be construed as the dishonor of the Floundering Fathers. It is the dedicated virtue of all party bosses to totally annihilate any tendencies toward populism. If their political star doesn’t make hearts flutter or pant breathlessly, there’s always the electoral vote to bring in the desired results. Presidents can undo an entire seated jury’s verdict with a simple pardon. Governors select state court judges, influence local politicians and on occasions, believe in the purity of selling Senate seats. With the audacity of a visionary, placing a price tag on a political position requires no accountability or integrity. For more information on politics, visit http://senateseatforsale. com.

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