Government clash – SYRIZA on new health rules surveillance framework in focus

A conflict between the government and SYRIZA is causing the House the new framework for monitoring sanitary protection measures in the dining areas.

On the occasion of the digital application prepared by the government to check the authenticity of the certificates (vaccination certificate, negative test, etc.) that will be necessary for entry into enclosed dining areas and other events, the majority called on all parties to support health protection measures.

On the other hand, SYRIZA and Elliniki Lysi denounced the government for violating the rights and personal data of citizens.

In particular, the Deputy Minister for Digital Policy, George Georgantas, presenting the amendment on the creation of a digital application through which restaurant owners will find the authenticity of the necessary certificates that customers must have (vaccination, negative test, etc.) to enter covered areas underlined that the regulation was drafted with the instructions, suggestions and observations of the Privacy Authority.

However, SYRIZA’s parliamentary representative, Giannis Ragousis, initially said that the minister’s assurances were not enough and that the Authority’s written opinion was needed to subsequently challenge the core of the regulation, arguing that the state assigns to properties control powers relating to citizens’ personal data. “You’re extremely exposed, but it’s also criminal what you’re doing,” he said.

With the views of the main opposition, the Elliniki Lysi party was also drafted, with Mr Costas Heta talking about a violation of rights.

In response to the comments, Mr Georgantas explained that the owners of the restaurants would have no control over the validity of the necessary documents. It added that during the check it would not be able to determine whether the document concerns a vaccination certificate or a negative rapid test.

The Deputy Minister noted specifically addressing the Elliniki Lysi “the effort of conciliation must be sincere. With you if it were, we’d have come to terms with the need for vaccination. Unfortunately, your public positions are not helping” and added “after 15 July we will be able to go to a covered dining area. That’s where you, Mr. Heta, should have a negative rapid test. I’ll have the vaccination certificate. The audit will not show what document I have and what document you have except their authenticity.”

In addition, the Deputy Speaker of the House Nikitas Kaklamanis remarked addressing Mr. Ragousis: “When you go to Paros the control – as you will have seen – is not done by a government official, but by the employee of the ship”.

Also, the parliamentary representative of the ND, Thanos Piliris underlined “It is inappropriate what you say about control. At the airport where the airline employee controls you, why don’t you say the same thing? With what you’re doing, the naysayers will gather outside the restaurants and say we’re going in because SYRIZA in the House said our personal data is being violated. It is not possible to caress the votes of those who strengthen the anti-vaccination movement.”

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