Giselle’s tears about her divorce with Tom Brady

It’s not an easy case even if you’re Budchen who didn’t hide her thrill as she was talking about the end of her marriage by Tom Brady, in a new, material interview. Giselle seems—who was recently seen in tender-to-four with her new favorite and jujitsu teacher, Joaquim Valente—in the teaser of her interview with Robin Roberts and ABC, tears when the conversation reaches Tom Brady chapter. The 43-year-old supermodel began dating the NFL star, in 2007 and was with him for more than a decade before confirming their separation in October 2022. They have had two children, Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11. But while the model has clearly overcome romance with its new partner, she was unable to show her sorrow when Roberts asked her about the separation – noting that the supermodel had likened her divorce to “the death of a dream”. Roberts then asked: “How are you?” with Bundchen answering: “Well, when you say…” before it collapses. He turned away from the camera and said, ‘ I’m sorry, guys. I don’t know. Can I have a minute?” The journalist then asks her how she manages the separation, with the fashion star admitting: “I think there are easier days than others, and I can only control what I do.” Bundchen, who has not yet spoken publicly about her new romance with Valente, was then asked: “Can you open your heart to someone again? “with the star initially hesitating to answer, saying simply, “Hmm”. Recovering her temper, she continued: “Where my heart is now is where I am right now. I live my truth and I don’t apologize for it.” She later said that her experiences with love made her realize “what I want and what I don’t want”.

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