Gift Gunture qualified for the 2024 Olympics

It secured a place in Paris, after the end of the World Cup in “Acropolis” in the event of the sword. Dora Gudura reached 174 points in the Olympic ranking and has the individual qualification in her hands, regardless of the outcome of the last World Cup match, in Sid-Niklaas, Belgium (15–17 March). It will be the second Olympic participation of the athlete of Thanasis Delenika after Tokyo in 2021 (21st place) and the 16th event with Greek participation in fencing. Also, Greece will have a representative on the sword of women for a fourth consecutive event after 2012 (Royal Vougiouka), 2016 (Royal Vougiouka) and 2021 (Dora Guntura). Despina Georgiadou will instead not be able to find herself in Paris, even though she is in No. 5 of the world rankings and even though she is the second world champion of 2023. With the best scenario for her in Belgium, Christos Saini’s athlete can reach 172b., two less than Gundura. Given that Greece has no chance of qualifying for the team, there is only one individual ticket available for Greece according to the current Olympic qualification system. According to the Olympic qualification procedure, the first 24 seats to be closed are those of the eight team athletes who will get the team qualification. The remaining ten tickets will be given individually and one of these first 6 tickets will automatically secure the two best swordsmen from Europe, the two (2) best swordsmen from Asia/Oceania, the best swordsman from America and the best swordsman from Africa, according to the FIE’s world ranking on 1 April 2024. Thanks to the scores already secured, France, Hungary, South Korea, Ukraine, the USA and Italy will certainly have teams in the women’s swords in Paris. Ukraine secured the team qualification and mathematics, with the silver medal in the Athens World Cup. It reached 281 points and will qualify, either as the 4th best of the world ranking, or as the first European team out of four. With this development, Ukrainian Olga Carlan, located in Olympiacos Ranking’s No. 5 with 165 points, officially ensures Olympic qualification from the teams, although already IOC president Thomas Bach has awarded her an individual Olympic card out of formal procedure. Gunture is currently in the No.4 of Olympic Ranking with 174 points, behind French Sarah Balzer (No1, 239b.), Japanese Misaki Emura (No2, 188b.) and French Manon Apiti-Brunet (No3, 181b.) who also have a secured position in Paris by the teams. It occupies the first of the two European qualification positions, with the next Europeans without group qualification being the other Greek woman, Despina Georgiadou (No6, 148b.), Spanish Lucia Martin-Portugues (No7, 147b.) and Bulgarian Yoana Ilieva (No8, 105b.). Martin Portuguese and Ilieva have no room to close the dispute in Belgium in order to pass both Greek women, so Greece’s position in Paris is assured.