Giannitsa: Ophthalmologist invested ‘black’ incomes in Rolex

In the hands of the Economic Police fell an ophthalmologist collector from the . The ophthalmologist invested “black” income in luxury watches ! In fact, the specific ophthalmologist from Giannitsa, who is accused of “unjustifiable asset increase through purchase of expensive wristwatches during the tax years 2019 to 2024”, as found by the investigation of the authorities, acquired 23 hand clocks, mostly branded “ROLEX”, of a total value of 161,300 euros! The illegal action of the ophthalmologist collector, was targeted by the Sub-Directorate of Economic Police of Northern Greece, following an anonymous complaint made about “not issuing evidence and hiding taxable matter through the purchase of expensive wristwatches”. Police officers, after judging the information as reliable, immediately took a job and conducted a check on the ophthalmologist and his practice at Giannitsa Pellas to get a sea bass out… Thus, as mentioned in the EL information note. AS “From the check and after cross-checking of posts on a well-known ads website, it was found that the above, in the years 2019 to 2024, acquired 23 wristwatches, mainly a ROLEX brand, of a total value of 161.300€, which were not justified by its declared income, in violation of Law 4172/2013 in conjunction with Law 4987/2022. The IOC will be informed of the infringements detected. Y Giannitsas for its own further actions and enforcement of administrative sanctions”.

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