Giannis Morjos: George Labatos spoke badly to my wife, cursed her

‘ You can’t be an actor and be a drunk” underlines the . “Cataltis” for his colleague, George Labatos in the new interview he gave to Well magazine and journalist Andreas Theodorou. In fact, the experienced theatreman reveals the unfortunate incident that took place among them in rehearsals. “My wife Yuli Zeku loved Labato very much. When we once played in a show, she came after her end with his guitar and entertained us, we talked. So he said that at some point my wife would have him play in the play because he’s a good actor. I said I was happy, so we started working together. But instead of rehearsing, we were trying to get him back, because he was coming drunk. You can’t be an actor and be a drunk. And I want the actor to be a student” Giannis Morzos first stressed. “He spoke badly to Yuli, even though she had suggested him for the job. The last time I told him to leave, he cursed Yulie, because he wouldn’t dare curse me. I said, “My child, is something wrong with you?” he said, “No, but you keep telling me I’m not good.” But it wasn’t, because he wouldn’t listen to me, so how would I do the show? ‘ “Pashalis Tsarouhas listened to me like a student and Labatos said whatever it was because he was drunk. I wish he could find his way, but I see it hard with his character. Let him recover and realize that with this tactic, he will never become an actor who will be asked for work” Giannis Morjos also stressed.

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