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    (Title) Eight million arriving and surplus. Cinema is still the most affordable fun. Fortunately, that is, because we want the entire property to prevent so many movies coming out in theaters in recent years. And this season is interesting.

    «Hereafter» Clint Eastwood «Hereafter» Clint Eastwood The highlights of course is the new Clint Eastwood movie, a supernatural thriller. Since we have plenty of strong signatures: Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Coen Brothers, etc. The British cinema still dominates the European map with films Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, Stephen Frears, etc.
    number of other films that are sending us the rooms with closed eyes. Whether you come with laurels large festivals such as “Uncle Bonmi who can remember past lives” of Thai Apitsatpongk Verasetakoul, whether “decoys” strong name actors, like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, etc. A return is not great auteurs, such as Jean-Luc Godard, comments are unnecessary.

    We made a first choice.

    Each film is news. Clint Eastwood’s it. The «Hereafter» is a supernatural thriller on the afterlife through the experiences of three unknown among the people: an American worker, a French journalist and a student in London. Again starring Matt Damon (January).
    In bad economic times in which we live, is more relevant than the movie “Wall Street: Money never sleeps” by Oliver Stone? In the sequel of the now classic film, Gordon Gecko, played by Michael Douglas, of course, out of prison and trying to restore the relationship with his daughter, works with her fiancé (23 / 9).

    * Another possible tape by Alejandro Inaritou is «Biutiful». Javier Bardem played a man dying from cancer and tries to settle the outstanding issues of life, a movie depicting the most dirty Lisbon never have seen the movies (11/11).

    * On expected from last year. Finally «Tree of Life» Terrence Malick (Thin Red Line “) found its way to the classrooms. Featuring two big stars, Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, and Fiona Shaw, is the story of three brothers in the early ’50 (6 / 11).

    * In western remake of “True nerve ‘returned the brothers Coen. In their «True Grit» the role of John Wayne is Jeff Bridges. Who knows how they have changed the lights in the original script, a story own hands, where a 11 year-old sees his father to murder and preparing for revenge? Still playing Matt Damon and Josh Brolin (3 / 2).

    * A delightful comedy with serious subject: death and old age. Classic Woody Allen is back. One of 70aris neanizei, alcoholic wife, gallery owner insecure daughter and son-loser writer protagonists in “I meet a tall dark complexion man.” With Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas (27/10).

    * One of the most controversial films of this year’s Cannes Film Festival was the «Another year» Mike Lee. The protagonists are, as usual, ordinary people struggling with their phobias, death, love and enjoy small everyday pleasures. The story unfolds around an elderly couple, the unmarried son and friends (25/11).

    * Paradoxical appeared first choice of Chinese Zhang Gimou adapt the thriller “Only the blood” of Coen brothers. Its own version, the “One woman, a gun and a store for noodles,” a black comedy. Noodles restaurant owner hires a corrupt detective to murder the unfaithful wife (30 / 9).

    * New movie is British and Stephen Frears. A light comedy is “Tamara Drew,” based on “Far from the angry crowd” of Thomas Hardy, but especially in the famous cartoon of Poouzi Simmons published in serial form in the Guardian. A group of writers rented rooms at the farm in order to draw away from the city. Until I see the lovely Tamara Drew and upsets everybody (December).

    * And a signature by Iran. Abbas Kiarostami returns with his shot in Tuscany ‘authorized copies. The Juliette Binoche and British baritone William Simel roam a philosophical mood, talking about the “relationship” them (in December).

    Big stars

    * Thriller by Darren Aronofsky; chosen by the delicate world of ballet to set up the “black swan”. Natalie Portman played a ballerina who tries to maintain its leading role in “Swan Lake” by the rival (Talk Kounis) in the eye of artistic director (Vincent Cassel). The truth is that I managed to find its own dark side (in December).

    * In part antikomformisti journalist named Paul Kemp, we see the heavy artillery of Hollywood, Johnny Depp. In «The rum diary» Bruce Robinson is based on the book by Hunter Thompson, as in “Fear and paranoia in Los Angeles, where Depp was doing one of the most important interpretations.

    * I’ll look at «The tourist» of Florian von Donnersmarck Chenkel with Angelina Jolie symprotagonistria, which played an Interpol agent. The Depp makes a tourist who wanders in Italy to overcome a passion (in January).

    * We have taken a decision that the Atzelina Jolie Die for action movies. In the “Salt” by Phillip Neuss played on Evelyn Salt, an agent of the CIA, the accused Russian spy. And so begins a somewhat unstoppable manhunt on the big screen for Mrs Pitt (16 / 9).

    * Anything and play, they are dolls and delectable. Even a skillful assassin. Played in such an adventure «The American» by Anton Kormpin George Clooney, who is trapped in a relentless chase on the streets of Italy, where the latest mission goes wrong (14/10).

    * Robert De Niro and Edward Norton together? We can see from «The Score». Meet again in the thriller «Stone» John Curran (The Painted Veil “). With them the beautiful Mila Giovovits. An arsonist who has been sentenced to prison, trying to push the skapoularei his wife in bed police officer (7 / 10).

    * And an unpredictable smiximo film: Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem in ” Eat pray love »Ryan Murphy. A woman, to overcome a traumatic divorce, goes around the world to rediscover the lost pleasures of life itself. It finds love in the face of sexy Javier (7 / 10).

    * He wrote the script, directing and starring in his new film, «The town», Ben Affleck. This is a police drama in which a bank robber falls in love with one of his victims. The side of Rebecca Hall, daughter of director Peter Hall (21/10).

    * Another novel Kazouo Isigkouro starring … clone found its way to the big screen. In «Never Let Me Go» the U.S., however, Mark Romanek, starring four of the greatest British actors: Keira Knightley, Maligkan Carey, Sally Hawkins and Charlotte Rampling.

    * In my mind a series made Keeler goes British Michael Winterbottom on his film “The killer in me.” Casey Affleck in the role of deranged, sadistic psychopath killer and sheriff. For very strong stomachs. Still playing the Kate Hanson and Jessica Alba (23 / 9).

    * The Tilnta Swinton stars in “Visconti” melodrama of the Sicilian Gkouantanino Luka, “I am love.” The Milanese bourgeoisie through the story of a powerful family of industrialists in a film aesthetic (30 / 9).

    * Frenchman Alain Horns sign the thriller «Love Crime» with actress with melancholy eyes, namely Kristin Scott Thomas, and Lountivin Sani roles of two women, which the competition between them leads to murder (21/10).

    * In the claustrophobic atmosphere unfolds «Submarino» the Danish director of “Family Day” Thomas Vintenmpergk. Recounts the drama two brothers, who consider themselves responsible for the death of the youngest brothers (December).

    * The lovely and talented Marion Cotillard stars in «Little White Lies» of Guillaume Canet. A group of friends make the critical accident when a friend postpone their holidays (30/12).

    * And a signature from Romania, the film “When I whistle, whistle” by Florin Serban (Silver Bear at this year’s Berlinale), about the adventures of a minor prisoner five days before his release.

    significant return

    * Stole visitor to the philhellenic statements in this year’s Cannes Film Festival, turning his back on the red carpet. The new film by Jean Luc Godard «Film Socialisme»-shot on a ship sailing in the Mediterranean, is a moral and philosophical meditation on the modern world and its political systems, a poetic film metaphor.

    * Fifteen years after the epic antistaliniko “Liar sun”, which earned him Oscar foreign language film, Nikita Michalkof back with the movie “Liar sun-Exit 2, which deifies the Soviet army that triumphed in World War II. This is the most expensive Russian production ever.

    * The relationship of father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung carries the movie David Cronenberg. The “A dangerous method” will have Love story, since the relationship is accessed through the Sabine Spilrein a disturbed patient. With Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fasmpenter and Keira Knightley.

    * The life of Mark Zoukermpergk, founder of Facebook and younger in the world made movie mogul David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button “). The «Social network» motto is’ do not you get 500 million to do without friends and some enemies (in November).

    * In «Fair Game», Doug Lyme, starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, back to the screen the story of Valerie Pleim, agent of the CIA, and diplomat husband, Joseph Wilson, who revealed that the use of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a fraud the U.S. government. Role-box for the activist Sean Penn (13 / 1).

    * The director of the most difficult name this year was awarded the Palme d’Or in Cannes. The Thai film Apitsatpongk Verasetakoul “Uncle Bonmi who can remember past lives” is existential tale about death, starring a farmer suffering from cancer.

    * The Golden Bear was the Berlinale a Turkish film, the ‘Honey’ of Semich Kaplanoglou. The third part of a semi-autobiographical trilogy (‘Egg’, ‘Milk’) is a hymn to nature through the eyes of a young child.

    Women signatures

    * Unfortunately few in the masculine space of the cinema. Sofia Coppola is one of them. After describing the relationship between middle-aged men with younger women in the “Lost in Translation,” the new film «Somewhere» concerned about the relationship between a father and kaloperasakia 11 year-old daughter. Plays Benisio del Toro (4 / 11).

    * A surprise from the American independent cinema. The «Winters bone» Debra Gkranik the heroine is a 17 year old that is searching for her father, drug dealer, a small provincial town. Outstanding performance by actress Jennifer Lawrence. The film gives a different picture of America, away from political correctness, soaked in misery and crime. He took it to Sundance prize for best film.

    * Two lesbians love to pretend Julianne Moore and Annette Bening in the film “The kids are alright” of Lisa Tsolontenko. The two teenage children looking for their father, that the donor semen (14/10).

    * Oskariki The queen, the Helen Mirren is a female sexpirikos Prospero in “The Tempest” Julia Teimor, course based on the homonymous work of the great playwright.


    * Double the presence of Luc Besson. Comes the third film in the series «Arthur and the Two Worlds War» (4 / 11), combining action and animation and the fantasy adventure “The Incredible Adventures of Adele, based on comic books of Jacques Tarnti with a heroine fearless journalist who went to Egypt to discover mummies (23 / 9).

    * The seventh and last chapter of the literary adventures of the most famous wizard, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is transferred two films. For now we see the first, and even three-dimensional, with the signing of David Yates.

    Political films

    * A political thriller on the showbiz of war by the most politicized British director Ken Loach. In «Irish Route», a former private security contractor in Iraq looking for the real causes of the death of his friend.

    * Galloalgerino The issue raised by the home algerinikis Rashid Bousaremp through the story of three brothers, the ‘ Outlaw, “which begins with the events of the village Setif in 1945, when French soldiers drowned in blood Algerian demonstrations. Cannes visibility demonstrations accompanied by war veterans.


    * A tragic story is the heart of the “Poetry” by South Korean Lee Chang Dong (Hidden Sunny ‘ ), which won for the screenplay of the film festival. A 60 year old decides to undergo poetry, and discovers that his grandson is embroiled in a rape case.

    * Soaked in violence and blood is the “Extermination” by Takeshi Kitano, on the underworld of Tokyo and factions of the Jacuzzi.

    Greek signatures

    * The famous Greek-American photographer Louis Psihogios made us proud with the Oscar for best documentary won the «The Cove», around the merciless slaughter of dolphins in a bay in Japan and the responses of activists.

    * The Oscar winner also for “Sideways” director Alexander Greek origin Payne returns with «The Descendants». George Clooney is an indifferent husband, who is forced to re-examination of his life when his wife suffers an accident.


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