Germany: Hostage in hospital ended – 65-year-old perpetrator eliminated

A happy ending had the incident that was in progress since late yesterday afternoon (04.03.2024) in Aachen Hospital. The serious hostage incident in Germany occurred when a 65-year-old stormed Louisen Hospital just before 17:00. Soon after workers noticed smoke and found that the woman had detonated fireworks in the operating room. The woman threatened several people with a gun. Around the building had developed strong police and firefighting forces, while members of the special forces (SEK) and helicopter were involved in the operation. After large-scale mobilization of police forces, the 65-year-old was neutralized by the special forces. The arrest took place late in the evening, a Cologne police spokesman said. All hostages, all 15 are well in their health. Aktuell findet ein größerer Es kommt zu Straßensperrungen und Einschränkungen des Bahnverkehrs. Meiden Sie den Bereich weitläufig. Die Polizei ist für Sie im Einsatz. — Polizei NRW AC (@Polizei_NRW_AC) Police announcement “The clinic one of the most important of the hospital. According to current information, a woman (65 years old) entered the hospital this afternoon. Shortly thereafter, workers noticed the growth of tobacco near the woman. The 65-year-old has now been fortified in a room. The surrounding rooms have been evacuated. Special forces are at the point.”