Germany: A two-day cabin staff strike on Lufthansa flights from Munich and Frankfurt

The Independent Airline Organization (UFO) calls its cabin crews on strike, Tuesday for flights from Munich airport and Wednesday for departures from Frankfurt. According to UFO, who represents 19,000 workers in Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cityline, strikes will begin every time at 04:00 in the morning and end at 23:00 in the same day. In its announcement, UFO points out that it was only on Thursday that Lufthansa announced profits of nearly 1.7 billion euros and “compartment crews must be involved in this success and compensated for the retreats they made during the pandemic.” On Lufthansa’s side, it was announced that strikes would affect about 100,000 travelers and staff chief Michael Nigeman expressed his disappointment that the dispute over collective agreements is being carried on passenger backs. “We remain ready for dialogue and ask UFO to join us again at the negotiating table,” he added. The union claims 15% increases in monthly earnings, an 18-month collective contract and an “inflation compensation” of EUR 3,000.