Georgiadis: There is no question of general lockdown – What he said about the mandatory vaccinations

“We are in the same boat of the virus and it is absurd to constantly face denial. None of us chose this to happen with the pandemic,”

The new measures coming into force from tomorrow, Thursday 8 July, in all restaurants, bars, clubs and nightclubs, spoke the Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis.

And note that when you have a pandemic that is on the way, you have to find ways for the enclosed spaces to function so that they are health-safe, according to the instructions of the experts.

That is why, as Mr Georgiadis said, shopkeepers are given the opportunity from next week to declare on a special platform whether their business will be pure or mixed, underlining that those who will have more people than permissible, then the business will close. Also those who declare their business (covid free i.e.) then should request a vaccination certificate.

Asked about this, the minister made it clear that there has been no general lockdown issue since September as the country’s economy has been badly damaged by the other lockdowns. “I don’t want any restrictive measures because it hurts our economy,” Mr. Georgiadis said, adding that islands with a high vaccination rate (at 90%) are the most affected. are full, while those with a small percentage do not do well in tourism.

At the same time, he stated that anyone who wants to be vaccinated, even young people, can find a vaccine and do so before going on holiday.

Vaccinated people are safer, so summer is a time of relaxation. Only those who have been vaccinated can move freely as tourists, he said.

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