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Georgiadis: Open the possibility of opening up the retail trade in zones

The possibility of opening the retail trade in zones was left open by Adonis Georgiadis speaking on a morning show on SKAI.
“The possibility of opening up the retail trade in zones has not been ruled out, and depending on the evolution of the pandemic we will see it. In the previous phase it was not possible… If the doctors tell us ‘that we can open safely there’, we will do so’, he stressed.
“What we won can be lost in two 24 hours. Whoever dug up is in a storm, so we must take extremely careful steps not to allow the third wave to hit Greece like the rest of Europe… The pandemic isn’t gone, it’s here,” he warned.
In-store shopping by appointment
“In-store shopping by appointment will depend on the pandemic. We’ll have a discussion with the committee in the next few days. My greatest concern is that the third wave will not come to Greece, which is worse than the second. We will pursue a strategy of full control of the pandemic.” “If we achieve a large reduction in cases, we will have more flexibility,” he added.
“The delivery outside went much better than they expected, so the grumbling stopped.” “We have a scenario of how our markets can evolve if the pandemic has a milder phase.”
Additional relief measures
“We will design ad hoc financial instruments (in this case) for areas in prolonged quarantine. Areas that have received additional restrictive measures should also benefit from additional support measures such as in West Attica and Western Macedonia” pledged Mr Georgiadis.
At the same time, he spoke of relief measures, “as the cheque measure was supposed to work in December, we entered January and the market is still quarantined.”
“We will not let anyone be destroyed for their loans in quarantine,” he assured. “Those who can be consistent must be,” he stressed.
‘Great reduction in taxes and levies’
“The government of Mitsotakis, despite the crisis, is faithfully following its election programme. From 1 January we have a big reduction in taxes and insurance contributions. SYRIZA voted against as opposition the law to reduce insurance contributions and relieve workers, while as a government it skinned the whole world with exorbitant insurance contributions with the Katrougalou law”, stressed the Minister of Development and Investment.
“Since the abolition of the solidarity levy we have seen a new increase in incomes. We have an increase in the incomes of Greeks in the midst of this calamity,” he stressed.
“100% implementation of the SAD”
“We closed in 2020 with 100% implementation of the PDE (Public Investment Programme), and the national arm and co-financed, this is the first time that Greece has gone bankrupt since its accession to the EEC, we have spent in absolute numbers the largest amount of EUR 10.6 billion. We closed the mouths of the institutions that said ‘you can’t spend the money you have'”.
Reformation Scenarios
“Sometimes there is a reshuffle, there is always a reshuffle, it is indifferent to me, I do not discuss it with the Prime Minister it is not my job,” he commented on the scenarios of changes in the government.

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