George Yakoumakis: In talks with Atlanta United about a new contract

He has started discussions with Atlanta United in order to sign a new contract with his club, to which he is doing excellently. George Yakoumakis, as it all seems, will continue in MLS’s Atlas United, as the international Greek striker is doing great with the club, who wants to renew his contract. Jakoumakis who counts 22 goals in 34 matches, has met with club representatives, with the climate being excellent. As reported by “Athletic” the agreement is a matter of time before it is announced. Sources: Atlanta United, star forward Giorgos Giakoumakis have integrated preliminary talks over a new contract. No rush, both sides have good relationship. Giakoumakis, 29, scored a hat trick last night. One of best strikers in MLS. — Tom Bogert (@tombogert) Yakoumakis moved to MLS in February 2023, with Atlanta United paying Celtic 4 million euros to acquire him.

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