George Karkas “shoots” Anna Maria Vellis: Gives people a signal to start swearing

He breaks out against her. “She comes out once a year and outlines Mars Long for abuse,” said the well-known actor. On the issue that has erupted before, following Anna Maria Vellis’ new statements about the abusive relationship he had in the past, George Karkas was asked. The actor, friend and partner of Aris Makris, spoke to the camera of the show “Morning” and overturned Anna Maria Vellis: “This subject had again been trying to create a problem for us in our premiere at the time in ‘Scrooge The Musical’ and now it is also a problem at the premiere of Mars. This girl comes out once a year before Mars premiere, without saying his name, and outlines him for abuse. He has started in 2021 and continues to drag this issue, without saying his name on the one hand and on the other hand giving signal to people to start swearing at him. Anyone who has something to say goes to a police station, complaints are not made on the channels, nor on the Internet,” George Karkas originally said. On the fact that Anna Maria Velli does not reveal the name of the abuser so that she does not become cancell by people in social media, George Karkas replied: “I don’t think she has that much power in her hands and I think no one has that kind of power to do cancel to someone. Everyone gets in their place according to what they do. #metoo put rapists and thugs in a frame and they go and say that “a man a few years ago threw a stool at me.” No, honey. Legally, at five years, it’s a misdemeanor and it’s out of order anyway. Probably every time she drops the followers she doesn’t know what to do and she brings this issue back.”