Gaza Strip: Biden announces port construction to deliver humanitarian aid

He is to announce that he instructed the US military to build a port in order to carry more humanitarian aid by sea to the besieged Palestinian enclave. “Tonight Biden will announce in his speech on the situation of the Union that he instructed the military to undertake an urgent mission to build a port in the Gaza Strip,” an official told reporters. The project will take place in collaboration with “countries that have the same perceptions and humanitarian partners,” added an official Reuters agency Reuters citing. The port, which will be temporary, will increase the volume of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians in the war zone, as hundreds of extra cargoes arrive daily. The official noted that the US would coordinate security issues with Israel. They will also cooperate with the UN and with humanitarian relief organisations that “understand how aid is distributed in Gaza,” he continued, clarifying that the first supplies will come from Cyprus. This mission will not require the deployment of land troops, but American soldiers will remain on ships off Gaza. Construction of the harbour will take a few weeks to complete. American officials also said Hamas is delaying the new agreement with Israel on the release of hostages because it has not agreed to release patients and elderly hostages. Israel “welcomes” the project Israel “welcomes” the US plan. An official said that Israel ” fully supports” the construction of this facility, said the official, who requested that his anonymity be respected, after American sources said President Joe Biden will announce tonight that the US military will build a “port” to deliver food, medicine and other supplies to civilians, the besieged Palestinian enclave.