Gaza: Five Dead from Drop of Humanitarian Aid Boxes · Global Voices

Along with , the crates carried death to . According to a hospital source, five people were killed and ten others were injured today by the fall of humanitarian aid boxes during an air operation in Gaza City. The accident occurred in the Al Sati refugee camp, to the west of Gaza City, Mohammed Al Seeh, the chief of nursing service in the Al Shifa hospital emergency department. “When the planes started dropping the load, my brother and I went to the area in the hope of getting a sack of flour,” told Mohammed al Wool, a 50-year-old man living in this camp. But the parachute did not open and the crate fell like rockets on the roof of a house,” he explained. Wool said he then saw people carry three dead. He also saw wounded among those on the roof of the house to gather humanitarian aid. For several days, the US and other countries, such as Jordan and France, have been throwing food into the Gaza Strip.