Gardenia – the secrets to be beautiful and green

    The gardenia is definitely one of the most beautiful plants. Certainly the principal element of beauty is the beautiful scent of the flower and the green shiny leaves.
    In many however, it doesn’t always look pretty. What we need to do to have the gardenia our animated?
    First of all, you don’t need to overdo it with the iron. A small amount of iron in the spring is sufficient, unless the plant faces a serious problem and that we understand when the leaves are yellow with intense green the ribs.
    The gardenia needs a point which, in the summer you won’t see the sun directly during the midday hours. Also in the summer it takes on a daily basis of water without touching the pot but on a dish. The mistake that is made in gardenia is when we make a change of soil. The gardenia needs a soil with a low ph (acidic) that creates but excellent drainage.
    Don’t forget with the heat to the water morning and evening.