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(Title) The region is celebrating the Assumption, the state and political leadership from which to mark the feast of Our Lady spoke about the need to exit the country from economic crisis. Progress of Greece held the prime minister, invoked the power of the Virgin Mary made by Antonis Samaras.

The President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias attended the liturgy in the Church of the Assumption in Lefkada.
The Prime Minister George Papandreou attended the celebration to the Virgin Ekatontapyliani Paros, where officiated by Archbishop Jerome. “We made the first major steps to overcome the crisis,” said the prime minister and referring to the big moment for Hellenism and Orthodoxy, he said: “All we were partakers of a very difficult year for our country, but a collective sacrifice we made first major steps to make this an opportunity to reshape the country. ” Attended by interior ministers John Ragousis and Culture and Tourism Paul Geroulanos.
Referring to the reopening of the Monastery of Panagia in Trabzon emphasized the important relations between the two countries and anadyknyei a spirit of cooperation among the peoples.

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