G. Papandreou: “Athens not in danger now Collapse” … I believed … NOW Giorgakis

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    (Title) In Ness categorical assurances that Greece will come out of the tunnel of economic crisis, and “recommendations” for the role to be played by the EU financial sector proceeded G. Papandreou, synantefxi in the Austrian newspaper “der Standard».

    With the title “Athens is not in danger now bankrupt,” the Austrian newspaper interview hosts Greek Prime Minister, where G. Papandreou calls on Europe to refrain from predatory policies, but to invest in development.

    In line with the EU to acquire resources, the prime minister proposes tax on financial transactions and Eurobond issue.
    categorically denied that Papandreou scenarios bankruptcy of the country and its exit from the euro zone, yesterday, in his speech at the conference of the International Association of Banks in Vienna and optimistic about the developments in Greece occurred and ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet, saying that there is evidence that implementation of the budget is right on track, despite a painful recession. Convinced that Greece will meet its targets appeared and the chairman of Deutsche Banc Josef Ackerman.

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