Fthiotida: The well-dressed young men were not officials of the PPC

    Another elderly victim of the monkey staff of PPC….
    This time the crooks have hit on It. A little before 2:00 in the noon went to the house of an old woman and introduced themselves as employees of PPC.
    They told the unsuspecting woman, one of the well-known fairy tales, that need to be replaced the watch and that it should be given some advance.
    Finally, the two polite and well-dressed young men took about 300€ from my grandmother and they left like a gentlemen.
    According to information left in a small white car, probably a Toyota Yaris.
    Usually the monkey staff of PPC targeting elderly people who live alone, especially in the villages.
    Many times they ask for some money as a deposit. Then follow the grandmother who has a nest egg tucked away, and if they find out that he has money at home, rob.
    If you see some that resemble the above descriptions, to have a little white car and to the playing staff of the PPC, call centre immediately to the police (100).