From the “Hostage” of N. Companies, to the “Hostage” of the PUBLIC to it?

I have listened with great attention to the invitation -expression of interest… number ref: ΔΒ1Δ/112/OIK. 17942 , to natural persons for the conclusion of individual contracts on the provision of services for the care of the buildings in the VILLAGE .
In the specific invitation of the management of EOPYY, calls for all individuals to participate in the contest for the guarding of buildings, with a maximum duration of contracts for the provision of services for the care , time duration (19 months – from 1-6-2016 up 31-12-2017.
Finally , the Greek Government acknowledged the “great mistake” to give to private companies for the Storage , cleaning, etc., of public buildings and puts an end to the “working ages” against the workers which prevailed in the last years.
I hope soon I will follow all the legal entities of PUBLIC law, local authorities and the Wider “Narrow” Public Sector .
But I’m worried, knowing that, through the course of time contracts, these workers will be trapped again in a “constant” held hostage , which is not other than that, the “everlasting” contract .
And here now comes the following question :
Maybe you should check the possibility of the management of EOPYY for fixed and permanent staff in the restaurant and in the cleaning of Buildings?
Fotis Alexopoulos
Member National Council Of Consumer & Market
Special Secretary INKA/General Consumer Federation of Greece on issues of Local self-Government